Consulting Opportunities


I know what it’s like to have a business idea or a professional goal…and I also know what it’s like to have no idea how to accomplish it.

When I got the idea for Headbands of Hope when I was in college (19-years-old to be exact), I didn’t know how to manufacture a product, I didn’t know how to get a business license, I didn’t know how to create a website or even design a logo. And most importantly, I didn’t know how to make people care about what I was doing.

But little by little, I found answers and my company started coming together. Yes, I made mistakes and ran into obstacles. But I’ve gained so much knowledge about what it takes to not only start a company, but start a company that people want to be a part of.

Headbands of Hope made it onto the Today Show after being in business for only 8 months. Cool, right?

Like I said, I’ve learned a lot about what differentiates any average start-up into a successful one.

On the side of being CEO of Headbands of Hope, I’ve even become a professional speaker and have spoken to over 38,000 people on 11 different campuses in less than 1 year of speaking.

Here are consulting categories I can offer and ones I feel would help you most with your goals:

  • Start-up advice
    • Putting your ideas into action
    • How to create your website
    • Finding your products
    • Expanding your start-up
      • ex. campus representative program
  •  Becoming a speaker
    • Advice to finding paid opportunities
    • Developing your keynote
    • Practicing your speaking techniques
    • Preparing for a single speaking opportunity
      • ex. you’re asked to speak at a business conference
  • Marketing your business
    • Effective social media
      • creating your SM channels
      • how to get more followers
    • Crafting press releases/email pitches
    • Finding partnerships and collaboration opportunities
    • How to prepare for events
    • Getting the attention of media

*Any of the above can be catered to your specific needs*


Single Session (1 hour):

– $95

– $75 for students with valid student ID

Triple package (3x 1 hour sessions):

– $250

– $150 for students with valid student ID

The One Week Start-up (7x 1 hour session):

*For someone who has a business idea and wants to launch quickly*

– $600

– $450 for students with valid student ID

The Monthly Check Up (12x 1 hour sessions once a month for a year):

*For someone who has launched their business. Each check up will evaluate monthly progress and establish goals for the following check up.

– $995

– $800


All sessions can be done in-person in Raleigh, NC or via Skype at any location. 

Ready to reach your professional goals? Or are you ready to get that business up and running you’ve always thought about?

Email and let’s make it happen.